Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Gul Chane

Gul Chane is a home remedy for cough
also offered as prasad for Santoshi Mata Vrat on Fridays

While growing up in Fort, my building mates Munni and Parul would go around on Fridays distributing Gul Chane as prasad. It was offered to Santoshi Mata on Fridays by thier Moms. Typically me and my uncle would be sitting out in the passage in the evenings and my uncle would point to his rotund tummy and say, "Look at this and give me prasad." Munni would argue she had to offer to everyone in the building. My uncle MJ would negotiate for a kiss instead :)

I would love this too and Mom made it at home only when we had cough and cold. She would give us a vati filled with it and we would relish it though it was a simple snack. 

This snack proved useful to me. Bangalore is seeing so much dynamic changes in weather  more than 70% of the people are suffering from cough and cold. It rains every morning, suddenly it gets very sunny in the afternoon and every evening there are showers light and heavy. I have had bad throat for couple of weeks now. I have been sucking on Cofsil Losenges without any results. That dry cough makes you feel pukish. That is when I remembered my mother's home remedy. I packed a vati sized box with Gul and roasted split Chana for munching through the day. LO ! the next day my cough vanished. I still have a bit of cold but the mucous is clearing. Mom used to say that this ripen/ matures the mucous faster and hence gives relief from that irritant cough.

Also this is a very nutritious snack for people who need high protein supply, recommended highly for kids and adults equally. There is no proportion for it just go by your liking. Jaggery (Gul) + Roasted Chickpeas  whole or split (Chane or Dahale/ Phutani)


  1. Hi, I have seen some very nice recipes on your blog and you write well. I came across your blog while searching for Gondavalekar Maharaj.
    I wanted some details as we visited Gondavale recently.

    My inlaws are staunch followers of Maharaj. They have recently shifted to Bangalore. So if you are doing any Japanushtana or Saadhana please post here.

    P.S. They have a very grand function in Maharaj's Mandir Bangalore in Sept. Its the conclusion of 3 Tera Koti. Its in the last week of Sept, in case if you are not aware :-)

  2. Hi Swarna every first sunday there is a japanushthan at the temple and a prasad lunch is served to all visitors and participants.

  3. Hey Anjali where are you ? no update for so long. missing you :)

  4. I love gul-chane! But somehow I had totally forgotten about it. thanks for reminding me of my all time favorite combination and most easy to put together sweet comfort food. I got a bag of this chana and grated a block of jaggery so now I can have this whenever my heart craves for some. Can we make a ladu out of powdered chana and jaggery. No other ingredient..just these two? Do you think it shall taste same as this gul chana?

    How is Chimi doing? You havent put up a video of her in action after the 'angholila chal Chimi' one :) which we so adore! Please put another one when you have some free time! Lots of love to Chimi and You! :)

    - Priti

  5. Hey Vinaya! Hope you doing good. So now u know where I hv been ;)

  6. Hi Priti, The ladu sounds like a good idea. I think they will taste like besan ladu if powdered but you can make with whole dahale and gul for similar taste.

    Chimi is doing great. She is spoilt by everyone at home in Mumbai. Hey and have you checked out her new space

  7. I just lve your blog! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your home remedies and wanted your permission to share them my food group on facebook with of course due credit to you or even better Would be honoured to have you as part of my group. Could you pls let me know if there is any other way of getting in touchwith you. Thanks

    1. Hi anon, leave your Id or lead in the comments, will not publish it but will get in touch with you for sure. Keep visiting.


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