Friday, October 15, 2010

Fire in the vicinity

Shot from my window, am keeping out of their way while most like to be onlooker at close. 
Idiots! when will they understand. Move out off the way~~~

There was a short circuit in the lane an hour ago that caused a fire in the basement of a commercial building. As I reached home common sense told me that the car had to be parked far away so that the fire engines can move with ease. I don't know how people can be so stupid, the people are not moving their vehicles to vacate the lanes for the free movement of the fire engines. Who should teach them common sense!

Till now one engine went back and one more has come in. In all 3 fire engines, it is still not under complete control. The electrical fire has been put off but the off shoots that ignited bales of paper and plastic sheets is causing caustic fumes. The neighborhood is shaken and awaiting to hear from the Head fireman that all is safe.

This Friday night has brought in a scare.


The fire was doused completely after 2.5hrs of fire fighting. I have seen firefighting and life saving being carried out in Mumbai and for the first time I saw it in Blr. This was a small fire yet it took 4 fire engines and 2 water tankers to get control besides 10s of firemen. Sorry to say I found they lacked skill! The seemed lousy! Many of them were entering the basement without proper equipment and coming out coughing immediately. Heroism is not enough in such situations. There has to be good range of equipments, masks and whatever it may take to control the fire. The men lacked technique too. Instead of pulling down one of the walls to provide ventillation for the fumes (This is what I have studied as a student of Environmental Technology) these men prefered to risk their life and enter the almost dungeon like basement without masks!

It gave me a heartache to see the fire took so long to get control and to get put off completely. The equipment available is not latest forget being top class. The Fire engines itself were not well maintained, the way I have seen in Mumbai. It is a sad state of affairs.

It is the Lord's blessing that the losses were only material.


  1. Oh my God!came here to tell about the puja but thats a scary site you have described. recently when Hubby was away we suffered the same situation...yes a shot circuit in my own house. I was alone with the baby and was scared to death but luckily could smell the burnt smell before anything big could take place. some friends came into rescue and everything was well.
    hope yours ended with a good note as well. between today is not the last day Anjali sunday would be Dashami. so you can visit pandals tomorrow also. and that would be better as the crowd would be less. if you plan for Dashami reach there before noon as by evening it would be time for bisarjan.

  2. Yes Sayantani I was so scared at first when I could not spot which bldg was on fire. OH! u too had a short circuit! Gosh ! I read you had hinted about it but did not feel appropriate to ask since you were not explicit. Thank God for the friends.

    Sayantani thank you for the detailed info. Lets see I may visit Kormangala pandal but I got to wrap up few other pending things tomorrow.


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