Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lime-Mint-Pepper Tea

It was a lazy evening. I was feeling fatigued after a hectic week and a busy day even though I was at home. At lunch we had Dry Fruit Kheer which had resulted in a good late afternoon nap.

When I woke up it was dusk and a little chill in the air called for some refreshing tea. I had used up the milk for the kheer leaving us no milk for tea. Though I could just go down and get it I decided instead to make a spiced n flavored black tea.


1.5 glasses of water
1 lime
1 teaspoon dried pudina/ mint
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon tea leaves
sugar to taste

Boil the water and sugar. Add the mint/ pepper/ tea leaves one by one and boil for 5 mins as it turns a pretty gold. Squeeze the lime into tumblers. Strain and fill the tumblers with the tea.

We enjoyed this tea thoroughly. The cheeselings were nice to pop into the mouth between sips of the refreshing drink. The smells of citrus and mint and pungency of the pepper are a sure shot way of relaxing with aroma therapy, the Ayurveda way !



  1. you reminded me of fav tea that I have to have when I go home. even today we went for a late puja shopping (mainly for the baby, he needs some warm clothes) and had a very hectic day. guess will go now and make some for me too.

  2. Nice post, i am going to make the tea right away!

  3. Anjali, shopping is always fun and I ended up buying 5 kurtas for myself, so you can guess.
    Puja in Bangalore is not very traditional (my opinion) but still you will get the festive feeling. try Koramangala Puja. small but close by. the biggest one is the Ulsoor Bengali association puja but this year they have shifted to palace ground. dont go there on friday...the crowd would be madenning and parking would be a headache. BTM also have some pujas.
    between let me know where you plan to go, if we happen to plan that place the same day will make plans to meet up. what do you say?

    and the tea really was comforting. all thanks to you.


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