Sunday, October 24, 2010


I love my Mohanthal crisp with lots of ghee. That is how Rajput Kaki, my neighbor aunty would make it. I am so tired of the dry fruits we eat all the time, cashew is added to everything sweet. Almonds go on almost all cakes and barfis. So this time I went all rustic with Kharbooz (Melon) seeds and Khus Khus (poppy) seeds to add the extra crunch. 

On the Dasara morning I made shevayi kheer but this time I experimented with jaggery and the milk split. So I could not share it with my neighbors. Then in the evening I decided to make this Mohanthal just for my neighbors. It is quick and easy. Give it a try you might want to make it your pantry staple as it used to be in my home when we were a home full of hungry children and as it is in many Gujarati homes.

Here is what you will need.


1 cup besan/ chickpea flour
1/2 cup ghee
1 tablespoon khus khus
1 tablespoon Kharbooz (melon) seeds
1 cup gul/ jaggery
0.5 cup water

First in a vessel add jaggery and water. Boil it to get a syrup. Put off heat and keep aside.

Then in a wok heat the ghee. When its completely molten add the besan and roast till you get a nutty flavor. The golden hues will tell you that it is cooked. Put a drop on a plate let is cool and taste it. It should not have even slightly bitter taste. If it does not taste bitter then it is cooked properly. Lastly add the Khuskhus and Kharbooz seeds. Give it a stir. The hot ghee will crispen it and bring out the flavors too.

In between grease a plate with oil or ghee and keep it ready for moulding the Mohanthal.

Now add the jaggery syrup to besan and keep stirring till it all comes together as a lump. Stop at this point and pour it out into the greased plate. Let is cool for 10 mins. Then cut out squares like seen in the picture. If the Mohanthal cools completely you will not be able to cut out neat pieces so you need to score while the mixture is still warm.

Once cooled completely separate out each piece and pack into gift boxes. A good piece of Mohanthal is slightly crunchy and lot crumbly. The crunch is dual from the jaggery syrup and the seeds.Very rustic.


  1. A surprise waiting for u at my blog

  2. Aha! Just what I want for this diwali!! Thanks for posting, it looks yummy...


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