Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Going Up South?

"Going Up South?" No one ever says that, not even a southner. South is always supposed to be down. Right? No wrong! If you meant the new restaurant at Ragigudda, then you are going to Up South.

Now If I am taking visitors to see that lovely Ragigudda temple complex I also have a food destination where they can sample authentic South Indian snacks and meals in a clean environment. The combo platters are really like tasting platters, every item is in small portions. The medu vada is small, the idlis are cocktail sized, the dosa is shruken. There are 3 chutneys so enjoy, the peanutty, garlic and plain cilantro in a single plate. A ladle of sambar, sagu and some onions for sprinkles. This plate is for one large eater or can be shared by two people with an additional snack order. Like we did you could order one of the other dosas or rotis of choice, like ragi roti, akki roti etc. Our addition was set dosa. With the combo platter you could choose to have a glass of Buttermilk or filter coffee included in the price of the platter and an extra coffee for Dad. We obviously chose the later to complete our proper South Indian meal. We had this at lunch but in the South this is actually a breakfast platter. Oh I forgot to add there was a big puffed Puri too in that platter but it got passed on to Dad so you don't see it in the picture.

There are other North Indian platters too but as always avoid those in a restaurant that calls it self Up South. South is their specialty and that is what I recommend.

The colors of the decor are bright citrusy and clean. This is a self service place so you bill at the counter at the entrance. Pick your order and choose a table that gives you the view of the side road and far view of the ring road or if your focus in going to be conversation while eating then climb up to the mezzanine.

It's a good place to snack when you are in Jayanagar, J.P. Nagar shopping around or on one of the unhurried days when you are heading to work. So now you won't frown if some one asks you, "Going Up South?"


  1. ahh thats what I miss here in Kolkata. waking up almost every saturday with a huge appetite for South Indian snacks and filter coffee and later satiating it in the nearby restaurants. thats a great place Anjali. love this i understand why they say...every good thing come in small packages.

  2. Anjali- The places that you mention..tempt me to come to B'lore and enjoy...a very close frnd of ours(me and my hubby)lives in B'lore and has been inviting us...may be this time we come to India...we definitely got to cover the places that you had mentioned....have a good day....

  3. @Sayantani Blr misses u too may be :) The idli is the best in Blr. Outside Blr you really mis the the taste of that idli and sambar. Go on make some at home and treat yourself to a steaming hot one.

    @Prachi u must u must visit Blr. You have a good one too.

  4. Thats what I always do, Idli is my quick fix breakfast.
    betwwen just saw your dry yeast experience. which brand did you use? I tried Eagle and amother one. but it never worked.

  5. Yeah I've used Eagle, Blue bird and kwality. Except when I have left the yeast unused for months it has failed. Else I let it proof till frothy. If it does not froth I drop my bread baking plans till I get a fresh dry yeast packet.


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