Friday, August 05, 2011

Patole for Nagpanchami

Yesterday was Nagpanchami in the morning itself Vidya Shenoy aunty called up to tempt me. She was making Patole and if possible would bring them over for me in the evening once I'm back home from work. I never really feel excited about Patole but I knew that Vidya aunty would add her special touch to any dish.

So there she was in the evening waiting for me at home with hot steaming Patole emitting that characteristic delicate flavor of fresh turmeric leaves. I carefully peeled the steamed leaf from the rice flour wrapped around the coconut jaggery filling and bit into it. The slender packet of heavenly aromas filled my mouth. Not too sweet and perfectly steamed with the right thickness of the rice flour wrapper is what makes this a treat fit for a special festival. Loved it!

I had one last night and one for breakfast. I was craving for more but I have started practicing discretion now, believe it or not! All smiles.

Here is a recipe and pictorial by Sanika of Delectable-Delicious. Go try it out.

Calories: 225 per piece


  1. I LOVE these! My mum has turmeric plant in her window garden, and I am tempted to make these all the time. Bought a couple of turmeric leaves just yesterday with the intention of making this. Will have to make them ASAP now that I've seen them!

  2. Saee knowing you, they will turn out divine.


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