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In the thali clockwise: Osaman, leafy vegetable stir fry, Rice with osaman, tomato basil salsa, coconut coriander chutney and curd

Osaman or Gujarathi Dal or Ramesh Bhai's Dal. Well the third name is by which it was known for many years in my home. You know that I grew up in the Gujarathi heartland of Mumbai, Fort and that my neighbors were a big influence on my eating habits. Kaki my neighbor made this every single day yet when Ramesh bhai her son made it, was always special. The smells of the chauk/ tadka made for the dal made me drool as a child. Recreating memories thru this dal. Soon it will be Ganapati time when the entire Rajput family visited us in Tata Colony after we moved to Chembur. Missing everyone, Preeti, Ramesh bhai, Bhabhi, Indu tai, Ansu tai, Mayuri, Vijay Jijaji, and ones who are no more with us Kaki, Ji Aaji and Japan Baba.


1 cup cooked tuvar dal/ split pigeon peas
2-3 pieces of kokum/ 1 tablespoon tamarind pulp
1 small piece jaggery
1/8 cup peanuts
1 inch piece of cinnamon
2-3 cloves
1 split chopped green chili
 1/4 teaspoon asafoetida
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
4-5 curry leaves
1 teaspoon ghee
salt to taste
handful of cilantro for garnish

Heat a pateli. Add ghee, heat to smoking point. Splutter mustard and cumin seeds. Followed by cloves and cinnamon. Now add the asafoetida. The green chili and curry leaves go after this. Then add the kokum or tamarind pulp. Quickly add a glass of water. Throw in the peanuts and the jaggery. Bring to a boil. With a ravi/ beater blend the cooked dal to smoothness. Transfer it to the pateli. Salt it and boil vigorously for 10 mins.

Once off the gas serve immediately with a sprinkle of chopped cilantro. Ladle it onto a mound of rice, basmati, kolam or ambe mohor! Love it, you bet it is lip smacking!!


  1. i LOVE Osaman! Thanks for sending me on a trip to nostalgia!

  2. nice name for dis..looks delicious

  3. Interesting new dal recipe with a touch of jaggery and peanuts. Sure to taste awesome, yet comforting!

    Thank you so much Anjali for throwing light of wheat flour sheera! I am excited now!! going to update the post, what u've mentioned!! :)

    Hugs!!! :)

  4. Never heard this name before but i'm sure i will try this - a different phodani. Dalchini and shengadane would taste interesting in the otherwise rojche varan. :)

  5. Kavs, Osaman is traditional gujarati dal and the cloves and dalchini makes all the difference. Nahi tar apla ambat god varanache te Shengdane asle nasle tari chaltat :)

  6. the first place I read this name was in Mangala Barve's "Annapoorna". This always reminds me of her book.. looks like perfect comfort food with hot rice / phulkas

  7. Yes Vinaya and that's my bible. She does not mention the use of peanuts though which are quite common in Gujarat in this dal. Traditionally it is a very sweet dal but I adapted to my liking as the years go by.

  8. I do love Guju daals! The combination of heat with jaggery is so well balanced that it leaves me craving for more.
    I like it sweet, so maybe when i make this I will add a little extra jaggery.

  9. Great story behind the dal, and the recipe looks like awesome comfort food. I must make this very soon! I love the sweetness in Gujarati food :)

  10. I tried it very few modification and lovedit,thx a lot Anjali :)

    1. Glad it turned out to your liking with your adjustments. that's the whole fun to adapt to what you like and to the degree you like.


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