Friday, September 23, 2011

Breaking Dibba Roti with Kiran

Dibba Roti with Gongura Pickle

Kiran and me had been planning an outing together for a long time. Finally we did make it one sunday. I reached her home early morning at 7 am. We were supposed to have breakfast and then proceed to A Fortress & A Temple for a little trek and and lots of fresh air just on the edge of Bangalore city. 

This is what I love about Blr.,1/2 to 1 hrs drive and we are in rural Blr and with nature. This was never possible in Mumbai. We, that's Kiran and me are both Mumbai born and bred and both have started loving the country side more after we left behind Mumbai and our families, she for marriage and me for the job.

But like anyone from South India we love our idli, many know only the flying saucer shaped ones but there are many types with different shapes and subtle flavors. It was a new learning for me to know that in Andhra the fresh first day fermented batter was used for idli, second day for dosa and third day for Dibba roti. Dibba means thick. Almost like the Gujarati Handvo, its cooked in a deep wok or pan on slow fire. She served it with Tomato chutney.

With her permission I am posting the traditional-use up your idli batter trick here. 

To make Dibba roti you need Idli batter. Grease a deep wok or pan generously with ghee/ oil/ butter. Ladle into the pan about 1 inch to 2 inch batter. Cover and slow cook on gas. It may take a total of 20-30 mins depending on the thickness. If you are not confident if the center is cooked insert a knife and check if it comes out clean and dry. Roast on one side till browned or 10 mins flip over and brown on the other side and roast another 10 mins.This cooks the thick roti thru and thru.

Remove and cut up into pieces with a cutting wheel, quarters look neat. I served this with Gongura pickle for the authentic taste of Andhra.

In Andhra she tells me that this is made really thick in her inlaw's home and a single Dibba roti can feed 10 people.

After a leisurely breakfast we went to the fortress temple where R. K Narayan's Swami and Friends from the TV serial Malgudi days was shot. We walked around and spent couple of hour breathing in the fresh morning air. Then returned to IIMB campus to enjoy a piping hot lunch made by Kiran's cook. 

I was supposed to return home for lunch but we were so chilled out that day that I stayed on and post lunch was treated to a walk around the beautiful IIMB campus, along the SPINE and PERGOLAS and insights on the architecture and history of the campus by the architect in Kiran.

Sharing here the only two pics I took of our day together. Kiran is camera shy and I was shy to take pics of the IIMB campus. 

I'll be gone for a week away from the hustle bustle of the city and smelling the salt laden breeze La Côte d'Azur de l'Est. Until then vous voyez!


  1. Nice pics ...the roti looks nice

  2. hey thats a nice one. the embroidery too is very nice.. you dunnit ?

  3. Vinaya you missed this post then

  4. ope you had a great time dring the Puja Anjali. how are you and how is your health?
    love this idea of dibba roti, I only make paniyarams with the leftover batter but this seems healthier and easier. I miss Bangalore a lot and its countryside.

  5. Sayantani I enjoyed a Dasara lunch with friends and lots of catching up we did. Yeah my health is good now though I realize my immunity is still low but I take good care of myself. Thank you for enquiring :)

    Try this its so easy and if you want variations add onions, tomatoes or vegteables.

    Its a matter of time may be you will be back in Blr in some time in the future. It would be great to have you back. :)

  6. Hey Anjali, you sure are one talented lady, with a golden heart ! lots of love :)

  7. Vinaya kitti kautuk kartes ga ;):P Thanks sweety.


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