Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tirupati Balaji by Pramod and Charu

This was the Ganpati decoration at Charu and Pramod's home in Mumbai this year. While my bro in-law did the carving of the statue on thermacol, my sister did the jewelery. She bought the raw material from the market and made every single piece of jewelry by hand. We are lucky to have such talent at home. God Bless, Pramod Bhauji and Charu!!


  1. Wow!Amazing talent. I thought it was a real statue from some famous temple. Good job guys!

  2. Thats Awsome Anjali, I Couldnt draw it on paper for God's sake !!! juts lovely !

  3. Kitti chhan ahe he!! Such talent and such patience!

  4. Wow kitti sundar...carving tar farach apratim.....

  5. Talnt bole to...this is total mast talent. Real amazing. The jewellery is amazing and the idol is breathtaking.
    If they would ship it abroad there will be a huge demand.


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