Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Guacamole with Cream crackers

The Avocado is a fruit that I have not been lucky with. The first time I had bought it was when Uncle Dheer was visiting about 3 years ago. We were all set to make a lovely salad for the burritos that I had eyed on one of the food sites. I cut it open and like a child was thrilled to see the single round seed. I was amused because the Avocado was pear shaped and the seed was round isn't that natures secret! Yeah, I know small things make me happy. Oh I digress, my friend Sulekha snorts at me when I tell her that am sipping my evening tea in my cane rocking chair with a book in hand by the window and I feel like a princess. Really I am that simple.

Ok, so to continue I sliced the still green avocado and gave it to Uncle Dheer at the same time declaring to him that he was going to taste an exotic fruit! As he popped it into his mouth I saw his face contort. I rushed to give him some jaggery and some water to gulp down the bitterness. Then when I googled I found out that I had to wait till the fruit was all dark brown and when pressed the skin forms a depression. The next time again it was too brown and the seed had got fungus when I cut up. The third time the fruit just went bad in the tray in the pantry. 

Finally this time I was able to use the Avocado for the reason it is most popular, to make Guacamole ofcourse. Well I still feel the fruit is overrated. However may be its greenness is good for us as it is high on antioxidants.

Well actually though I first tried using Avocado in 2008 but I had seen it only after coming to Blr. Here the fruit is called Butter fruit and you will see a lot of people enjoying their Avocado milkshake. How cool is that? It is grown locally and have some other uses in South India that I am not aware of. So go ahead educate me.

I followed this recipe for the Guacamole which is concocted after doing the rounds of ether.


1 ripe and ready to use Avocado
1 Onion chopped fine
1 tomato chopped fine
1 green chili chopped fine
1 clove of garlic
handful of coriander chopped
1/2 a lime 
a large pinch of fresh crushed black pepper
salt to taste

Let me tell you this is as easy as your koshimbir only thing is it is Mexican.

Make sure the Avocado is well browned to ripeness, so you don't get the bitterness. Press the skin and if it stays depressed then it is ready for use. Cut open  the Avocado remove the pretty round seed. Now with a spoon scoop out the pulp. Remove the leathery case which holds the seed. Now in a bowl put the Avocado squeeze the lime juice over it. Mash the Avocado, the juice will help prevent oxidization of the fruit pulp. Now mix in the chopped onion, tomato, chili and crushed garlic. Crush afresh black pepper and sprinkle it over the Guacamole. Finally salt it to your taste and use chopped coriander as sprinkles.

Freshly made tastes best. But I ended up eating for almost 2 -3 days with ofcourse cream crackers.


  1. dont know about guacamole but enjoyed the butter fruit milkshake immensely. give it a try you wont be disappointed.

  2. You too Sayantani! So you recommend it. I haven't dared to yet, will have get enough courage :);)

  3. i havent quite liked the avocado on a previous occasion, but i think this shud be quite yum :)


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