Sunday, September 18, 2011

Candied Orange Peels

To add zing to your cakes you can make these and stock up. Any thick rind orange can be used. Peel one orange and chop the rind into bits put them in a non stick pan. Add half cup of sugar and mix. Keep the heat low. I almost charred mine so got the caramelized color. Once sugar melts switch off the heat and let it cool. Once cooled break up the bits to separate so they are easy to use when you need it. These can be stored for almost a year in the fridge. I used the candied orange peel in Ginger Infused Zesty Carrot Cake.

These are chewy if eaten as it is but in a cake they rehydrate a bit. Incase you want to have them like a mouth freshener then they can be boiled in water drained and then candied.

These special touches you add to your cakes separates the homemade ones from the bought out glamorously decked cakes.


  1. love candied peel, how do we make marmalade ?

  2. Totally impressed with your posts!

  3. Vinaya I haven't tried marmalade at home anytime. I love Kissan's tho.

    Hey Kiran howz work going?


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