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Khubz or Pita bread is something I was introduced to by my uncle MJK when I was in my teens. Whenever he visited the Middle East he came back with huge discs of Khubz. Later I came to know that they are called Pita bread in the US and the name became fashionable.

Yes essentially Khubz is a common name for bread in Arab countries. How I would describe Khubz as a leavened bread round like a roti, thicker than Naan. It is only when you make smaller ones like phulkas you make them slightly less thick. For a good pita to puff up it has to have some thickness in proportion to the disc size. A 4 inch Khubz should have atleast 1/4 inch thickness before going into the oven. Khubz is an indispensable part of an Arab meze.

Khubz or Pita bread is very versatile, dip it in, mop up stews n curries, open up the pockets and make sandwiches, that is onething you can't do with a chapathi, you will agree. As I write this I remember a conversation with a loved one. He lived off pita bread substituting chapathi as he is in the US and wasn't skilled enough when younger at rolling out the daily Indian bread. I used to feel so bad for him even though I like Khubz a lot but it cannot substitute something that you ate everyday of your life when growing up. Yet who would not like a perfectly puffed up Khubz for a change?

I like to tear my breads with my hand but some people like theirs cut up into wedges, do it the way you like it, but don't forget to enjoy!

I also like it that this bread it fat free. So here is how to make it.


3 cups whole wheat flour or maida
2 tsp. dry yeast 
1 cup warm water
1 tsp. salt 

To begin take about 1 tablespoon of whole wheat flour from the measured flour. Add the yeast to it and then add the 1 cup water slowly to make a sludge of it. Let is bubble up for 30 mins.

Then mix in the rest of the wheat flour and knead to form a ball. Keep it aside for proofing till doubled. 

At this stage incorporate the salt and knead for a min. Divide into 8 portions and roll out on a floured surface into 4 inch diameter and 1/4 inch thick discs.

Preheat oven to full power and 250 deg celcius. This time I used the grill mode for baking as it has the highest power setting. On the top rack bake the Khubz for 10-15 mins till slightly golden spots appear on it. They will puff up into nice pillows of warmth. 

On cooling they might fall flat but will still have pockets.

Serve with the dips like I made here or make Pita pockets with falafels and choice veggies.


  1. wow I love khubz a lot since I have lived in Sharjah for many years.I haven't learnt how to make khubz.Its nice to note that u have learnt about it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey KQ now you have the recipe, do try it out and BTW this is with whole wheat flour and you do have the option for the maida too. The recipe is the same. Let me know if you do :)

  2. Vow... it was my fav when i was @ middle east...lovely to know this recipe..

  3. wow its looks so nice n yumm... surely ll try it out...


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