Sunday, September 16, 2012


Fresh cream cheese made from yogurt, "Arey that's our chakka!" said my family. All your life you have eaten the fresh cream cheese made from yogurt by sweetening it with sugar to make Shrikhand and then you find that there exists a savory version of it somewhere in the world. That is exciting in itself. Well though I am posting this recipe now its not like I discovered it just now. I have been making Labni for years now. Anyways, what's there to make in Labni? It is so simple, except waiting and then whisking there is no work involved really.


1 liter Curd
salt to taste 
Olive oil for drizzle

Take a muslin cloth, Tie the diagonal corners together to form a bag. Pour the curd into the bag. Tie it up closer to form a ball. Either hang it over the basin or put it in a sieve. Collect the whey dripping in a vessel for other uses. (Whey can be used to knead dough instead of water, so you don't waste the nutrients in it.) Best is to leave it in the fridge so it does not sour too much. For about a cup of Labni you do require a liter of Curd.

After about 8 hrs, you will get a nice drained ball of cheese. Remove the muslin pouch to the counter. Roll together the cheese ball and remove to a bowl. Add salt to it and whisk to get a creamy Labni. Drizzle with olive oil. It's ready to dip your  warm Khubz

It is a very refreshing dip.


  1. Morning Anjali,

    Thanks dear for the lip smacking dip.

    Have a nice and wonderful day ahead.



    1. Cynthia check out the FB page you will find something that's coming up for you :);)

  2. Wow...the dip looks yummy. I once tried out a similar recipe but added diced cucumbers in it and it was fabulous.

    1. Liju I guess you are talking about this Tzatziki.

  3. Excellent and fabulous dip..yummy..

  4. I have had my 'Eureka' moments too while finding out that some culture/country miles away from ours does similar things/techniques. Makes me feel that the world is indeed a small place. :) Once the recipe is de-coded it is always more sensible to make it at home than rely on store bought version. Atleast one knows its pure chakka not something thickened with other ingredients. I love you Anjali for you being so 'haushi' about all things - cooking, gardening, travelling...for having the zest for life! Its contagious :) in a good way.

    - Priti

    1. Priti kitti kavtuk kartes ga! Thanks, for showering all the love.


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