Monday, October 15, 2012

Fish Cake

My bro joked, he wanted a Fish cake for his 30th birthday! As a vegetarian kid he would always pick up the Fish shaped mawa barfi from Parsi Dairy. Yes I am talking about the Mawa ni Boi.

I did not have a mould and time was a constraint so I took a short cut. I bought 250 gms of Mawa Barfi from Jhama's in the neighborhood and cut it with a pizza cutter and a knife to shape it like a fish. 

steps here for you to try it

1. Select a barfi covered with Silver varakh/ edible foil. Put the entire sliced slab of Mawa barfi onto a serving plate.
2. With the pizza cutter shape 3/4 of the slab like an eye or Oval. 
3. The 1/4 that forms the tail can be shaped with a sharp knife.
4. Cut a V first for the tail then cut out the sides. Save the cut side for the fins.
5. Cut out triangles for fins and place them on the sides.
6. For the eyes, create tiny grooves and fill them with strawberry crush. The Mawa ni Boi always had red plastic discs for eyes and my bro always wanted to eat them when young, we had to do a magic trick to discard the plastic eyes before he could pop it into his mouth. Hence I used the strawberry crush to make everything edible. 

My bro was thrilled with this fish cake that took him down the memory lane! Any kid would love it, and he even though an adult with his own family is still my kid bro right?

Well the Fish has a symbolic importance for Parsis. You find it on all their religious buildings and so the Mawa ni Boi is gifted for LUCK in that community. Well but for my bro it has always been Fish Cake.


  1. What a unique way of making your brother's wish possible. I wasn't aware of the symbolic importance of Mawa ni Boi though. Good to know.


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