Saturday, October 06, 2012

Homemade Mascarpone Served With Kiwi

Tubs of Mascarpone lured me in the mall. I have spent double the amount of money on it than when I made it at home. Plus homemade is pure Mascarpone, no preservatives and absolutely fresh. The thrills of making such stuff at home is inexplicable.

How hard is it to make it at home, you think? As easy a paneer I would say. Only thing here you just stop the heat once the cream just swells a bit. No don't look at me that way, you have to try this in your own kitchen to understand what I am saying.

Let me put it down for those interested in this recipe and directions.


1 litre carton of Amul Fresh Cream, its 25% Fat
2 tablespoon of lime juice

In a double boiler heat the cream to boiling point. Add the lime juice. You will see cream go from a pure white to a off white color and swell slightly due to coagulation. Boil for 2-3 mins with stirring. The coagulation is more like a thickening. The lumping as it happens when making paneer does not happen here. Put off the heat. Let it cool.

Wet a large kerchief or muslin cloth. Take a bowl, place a strainer over it. Place the wet cloth in the sieve. Carefully pour the thickened cream into the cloth. Tie it up like a bag to avoid overflow. Keep the bowl with the strainer in the fridge to drip for 24hrs.

You will get this mass of soft creamy Mascarpone cheese.

Mascarpone cheese goes best with fresh fruits me think! When I made a small batch to test in my kitchen lab I sweetened it with sugar and vanilla extract and served it with Kiwi.

Later made it again for the A Glamorous Heart Cake.

Deeba is an experienced soft cheesemaker besides an awesome baker, she rightly advised me to store the Mascarpone in an airtight container in the chiller of the fridge. I was worried if the cheese would get spoilt since I needed to make it in advance for the cake. She dispelled all my doubts. I had stored away a cup of the extra cheese for a gorgeous dessert that you must come to see here next...


  1. Anjali this looks so good and yet doable for ppl like me :) Looking forward to the upcoming dessert:)

  2. The cheese looks excellent. Even I have tried making it but never succeeded. Yours looks really good. Did it stay creamy throughout or started turning buttery and also did it smell of Lemon? I want to give it a another try using your recipe.


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