Sunday, October 28, 2012

Growing Tomato

This post is a log I will maintain as the days, weeks and months pass... Will publish it afresh every time I update it. Go to the latest update at the end of the post.

Day 1: (Planted in the week of 10th June 2012)  Found a rotten tomato in the fridge. Did not want to throw it in the Daily Dump so squeezed out the seeds in a container that I had kept ready for sowing seeds. The container is a 1 litre milk carton filled with hay 3/4th and 1/4th with planting soil. I forgot about the seeds until after 4-5 days.

Day 4-5: (16th June 2012) Seeds sprouted, couple of inches of sprouts with leaves. I noticed the sprouts today and am thrilled!

Week 3:
The real leaves forming shape now.

8th Sep 2012: @ 3 months

There were four tomato plants that grew strong in a cluster, I accidentally broke one while replanting them. Now there are 3 growing in 3 corners of a wooden crate lined with a plastic bag. The media in the crate is 10 inches hay, topped with 10 inches planting soil and 1 inch compost from my Daily dump. This transplanting was done a month ago and soil went down to sit with the hay quite a bit. The 1 inch compost also acted as mulch for the plant. One FB friend suggested nipping the apex to get more branches and it worked. In a month I think they will need support.

Month 5: 28th Oct 2012

The  tomato plant is about 4ft now. It is flowering since couple of weeks. These are the captures in the last 2-3 weeks. I have added a 3inch layer of compost with the dual aim of feeding nutrients and mulching for a good yield.

I have been nipping the suckers (the branches that spring up in the notches) since a few weeks, so the plants have fewer branches but every week I see fresh flowers.

 Tomato blooms and the hairy stalks

 Wilted flowers and swollen ovaries. I felt such joy seeing the baby bumps :)

 There they are baby Beefstakes!

Will post the pictures of the vine ripened tomatoes once they are ready. Am sure you will be checking here.

The beefstakes ripened on the plant but gave miniature fruit the size of small grapes. When the other plant started flowering I removed the Beefstakes from the crate. Topped 5 kgs soil. It turned out that the other tomato plant was a Roma.

 16th Dec 2012: The Roma are rewarding.

 12 Jan 2013: At peak season 12 tomatoes!


  1. Hi ANjali I know there is a lot of patience required to grow a plant kuddos dear.

  2. We have a sitaphal tree with tiny sitaphals coming in our back garden (no effort on my part!) and it is so thrilling to go out every day to see if they have grown just a wee bit bigger. Believe me, I go look every day!!

  3. Hi Supriya, Actually so far I have grown plants that are so non demanding. Yet I like to go and talk to my babies in my Green Balcony.

    Kiran yes I remember the Sitaphal tree in your backyard. It is one of my favorite fruits. We used to have one in our garden when we lived in Tata Power colony in Chembur. Enjoy the fruits!

  4. wait for another 2-3 weeks and then transfer to a bigger pot. one sapling for a pot. it will grow beautifully.

  5. Will follow the good advice, thanks!

  6. Be careful with the might end up having new guests at home :). I mean the Rats & Bandicoots

  7. When I started planting as an environmentalist the first thing I thought was of nurturing an entire ecosystem of its own in the balcony. Pest will be take care of D no worries. I was more worried about maggots making home in my Daily dump khamba touch wood it is doing great with friendly microbes. I sowed coriander seeds this week.

  8. Wow Anjali,
    That is amazing! I wish I had a green thumb.

    1. Asmita you can start growing herbs with seeds from the masala box like methi, mustard, owa etc. they grow easily and you will feel confident about your green thumb. It is just about discovering it. You can ask questions if you need help. Check out the label and you will see how I started off.


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