Monday, April 29, 2013

Growing Green Garlic

In my home garlic is not something that we depend on to enhance the flavor in our food but there are certain things unarguably that taste better with garlic. Like the garlic chutney which is a signature Koli style.

Well but garlic cloves taste quite different than Garlic greens. The greens are milder and impart and beautiful mellow taste. 

Growing it is as easy as sticking the garlic cloves from your pantry into some mud, watering it and waiting for it to sprout and waiting to let it grow into 10-15 inches tall grass like greens.

Here is what I did
  1. Take planter plate. 
  2. Fill with planting soil upto 1 inch below the brim.
  3. Create holes in the soil at the top.
  4. Take a whole garlic, separate out the cloves. Stick each clove into the holes created and cover with soil.
  5. Sprinkle water to moisten the soil. Do this every day.
  6. Ensure enough sunlight, but not direct. You can keep it under a larger plant for some shade.
  7. End of a week or two you will see beautiful greens. Let them grow till 10-15 inches tall.
Harvest : 
Pluck the greens when still tender for use as a herb. You can keep them fresh by keeping it standing in water for a few days.
Some uses:


  1. Home grown green garlic, wow thats amazing.

  2. Your balcony garden continues to be an inspiration! I have a tiny yard, and yet I don't do much; lazy me.

    1. All thanks to the minimum commuting to work, else I would not have the energy to do it. Good to see your comment here at this time :)


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