Saturday, April 13, 2013

Whole Awala In Brine

 Lets begin this series with the easiest of the pickles, Whole Awala In Brine.

1 kg Awala
1/2 cup salt
2 pinches of lime / chuna
1/4 cup julienned ginger
handful of whole green chilies
Wash and pat dry the whole Awala / Amla / Gooseberries.

Then prick the Awala from all sides with a fork to make salt absorption and adsorption possible. 

In a large bowl mix the pricked Awala, ginger, whole green chillies, salt and lime. Toss with a salad tong. The lime is added to avoid oxidation and precipitation. Else the brine becomes milky. The 2 pinches of lime keeps the brine clear.

Once mixed well, pack into a glass jar. Keep out for sunning for atleast a week till all the salt melts to give a brine.

Store in a cool dry place and shake well to mix once every fortnight to avoid fungus formation.


As medicine for nausea or as souring agent in your curries and chutneys. Awala has that special flavor that lifts a mundane curry or chutney to a different level.

Wish you good health with this vitamin C packed pickle.


  1. Yum the array of jars ...

  2. You're making me drool! The avla looks so juicy and good!

  3. Love avlas, storehouse of vit C....


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