Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lime In Salt and Sugar

Fresh and yet to be aged

This is a preserved lime recipe my Mother would make for me as a kid. She would make small quantities and we had a special glass bowl with a lid for it. Simple yet wonderful especially for a kid that suffered nausea and acidity all through growing up years. If there was this lime my Aai brought out on my plate, I would eat my varan bhaat without complaints.

It's simple to make and not much of a recipe. Just preserving the lime in lots of sugar and salt.


20 Indian lime
1/2 kg sugar
4 teaspoons salt

Wash the lime and drain. Pat dry with a napkin and cut each lime into 8 pieces. 

In a glass jar put all these pieces and cover up with sugar and salt. Shake the jar and keep it in the sun to cook for a week.

After 3 months this pickle will get paler yet juicier as the lime juices thicken with the sugar and salt.

In my home it is called Mooravlela limbu in Marathi or preserved lime.

Aged preserved lime after 3 months, yum!

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