Thursday, September 18, 2014

A special edition of 'Koli yet Veg' class for Nupur

Thanks for a fantastic time Anjali! Your Dad is wonderful n Gauri was superb company. Will write again from the US.
As soon as Nupur went back home she wrote this note to me. A testimonial of the wonderful time we had together.

We have known Nupur for almost 9 years through her blog, One Hot Stove. Her A-Z Maharashtrian cooking series was a hit, it ran from Sep 2005 till Mar 2006. The blogs have bound us through shared stories of our pets, families, hobbies, passions and life. So meeting her was a natural extension of our online friendship.

She was here in India after almost 5yrs to be with family. I feel honored that she planned in advance with me for this class. As I write this she would be on her way back to the US.

She had requested me to do a short version of the class and so we decided on 4 dishes to be taught. I suggested the dishes and she chose the menu from it.

Here is what we cooked ...

1. Valacha Birda
2. Rice Roti
3. Kokum saar
4. Potato onion bhaaji
5. Vali Lasun chutney

What's a meal without...

6. Rice
7. Badampak er Shengdanepak
8. Rice Papad and Mirgund

So these completed the lunch menu but not in the picture.

My architect friend Gauri joined us for the class and her daughter Srishti gave company for lunch.

We talked so much that the time just flew by and before we knew we were saying good byes and farewells. Partings are incomplete without gifts isn't it? So we exchanged food gifts what else do you expect food bloggers to do. Nupur gifted me spicy mango, chipotles and Habanero pepper seeds quite a lovely chili theme in addition to Basil seeds and her favorite oatmeal soap and like a true voracious reader that she is an Agatha Christie. 

My gifts to her, Vaal, rice papads, Badampak er Shengdanepak and my chai masala.

As always people who attend my class always ask for my masalas, Nupur too bought my Koli Masala and can't wait to see what she churns up with it.

Updated : Read here Nupur's post about her experience of this session of the 'Koli yet Veg' class.


  1. Ah this was a memorable experience all right. Many thanks, Anjali! I just wrote a post too about my Koli experience.

    1. Hi Nupur! Good to see you back in action after the vacation. The time just flew when you were here and would love to have you with me again on a more relaxed day when we can just chat away :) off to your blog now...


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