Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delicious and Healthy that's Soulfull for you!

It was a day of running around and I do it only on the weekends when the driver is available. It aint easy traveling from Navi Mumbai to Kalyan to meet our friend's family who had just lost his father then to Chembur to see my Mothe Baba and Mothi Aai who are homebound and as we were passing by we popped in at another friend's. By the time I was home I was dead tired. These days I do not have much stamina, I realize that I cannot go on like I used to in my younger days. 

My friend had packed some stuffed brinjals for us and all I needed to make is something to go with it. Roti was out of question. Just in time I remembered I had a pouch of Adai mix from Soulfull from the goody bag which we received at IFBM2014.

I had one look at the nutrition panel and felt happy that this was something that fits my criteria of healthy. Here is a link on how to read the Nutrition panel that you may find useful.

Now was the taste test. For me the first thing is smell. I have a sharp sense of it and I do depend on it to tell me if the packaged food is good or bad. I cut open the Adai mix packet and it smelt of fresh toasted dals that reminded me of chutney pudi. I love chutney pudi BTW and this was promising.

I followed the instructions on the package and made the batter. Spreading out the batter on a heated nonstick griddle, drizzled some ghee and cooked it until brown on both sides. It tasted lovely but since the batter is not fermented I did not like much the thick pancake style adai. I am talking texture here.

Instead I thinned down the mix by adding additional amount of water almost 2 cups plus more to an almost buttermilk like consistency. It was the rava dosa that was dancing in my head, I wanted something crisp, lacy and delicious to boot. 

So on a hot non stick girddle I sprinkled little cold water and it sizzled some more as the water drops danced on it. Then with a deft hand I poured the batter quickly to form a nice lacy coat on the griddle. It looked so beautiful, just what I wanted and as it cooked I drizzled some ghee. The dals in the mix and the chili made my taste buds all so ready to taste. It was perfect! 

You could actually eat it without any chutney but we had stuffed brinjal so we ate with it. Unusual combo but tasty and Soulfull nevertheless.

Adai is a traditional breakfast dish but I think its a perfect mini meal when you are hungry anytime of the day. A Soulfull packet makes it an instant meal, cut open, add water and make in 5 mins.

On another day. After my pranayam which I do for 45 mins I was feeling starved. I had no patience to put together a breakfast and I am not a person who can start a day with a glass of milk. I found another tiny pack of Chocofills from Soulfull. I muched on them while I watched my tea boil on the stove almost meditatively. I could not believe that the cover was delicious ragi and it was filled with silky chocolate. Yum, you can give it to kids too.

I know for sure Soulfull has ingredients packed into pouches just like I would do it myself. You know it that I am a person who cooks from scratch and for me to like this brand they surely must be working well on their product.

This is not a paid review. Though the products reviewed here were given complimentary to us at IFBM2014.  I genuinely found them good so had to share it with you. We all like to have some products in our pantry that make our life easy, this is definitely one brand that you can depend on. They have an online shop for your convenient ordering.

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