Sunday, September 07, 2014

Storage and Handling of Dried Fish

Detailing here the procedure for storage of dried fish.

The increasing fascination for exotic foods has led people to try cooking with dried fish. You spend a handsome amount on buying or importing it. However many are not aware about how to store and care for it. So here are some tips.

  1. Always ensure that you are handling dried fish with absolutely dry hands. 
  2. Always measure out quantity of dried fish you need for a recipe and keep back the rest while your hands are still dry.
  3. Ensure that you wrap the dried fish in newspaper.  It helps to keep it dry.
  4. Store in airtight container.
  5. Once in a fortnight zap the dried fish in a microwave for 30secs; 250 gms at a time. Mircowaving helps disinfection and increases shelf life. Always spread it on a tray and do not pile up. Let is cool completely and put it back in the airtight container.

Remember dried fish you buy from AnnaParaBrahma is sundried in natural form. We do not use any preservatives, we do not do sulphurization. Hence as a natural process it undergoes degradation just like any of your pantry staples like grains, pulses, flours, pickles etc. If you take proper care you will enjoy the stock of dried fish for a longer time.

Enjoy the natural goodness!


  1. Bengalis love dried shutki maachh. Unfortunately I've never had a chance to taste it

    1. Kalyan yes my Bengali friends do sing a song of the dried fish. How about a cook together? I'll get the dried fish.


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