Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seviya Kheer Truffles for Mother’s Recipe: Innovative Recipe Challenge

Mother’s Recipe: Innovative Recipe Challenge landed in my mail box and I was not too sure if I wanted to do it as I hate packaged products. This true blue home cook loves to do stuff from scratch. When I checked out their site I was curious about the Instant mixes. They sent me a hamper consisting of Ready to cook, Instant mixes and a preserve. I had tried their Gor Keri before and loved it. I had in mind to make something from the packs using few extra ingredients as possible else why would anyone want to buy these convenience packets.

So I chose the Payasam/ Seviya mix to innovate with. I guarantee that this is not an intimidating twist and is a delicious activity that you can do with your kids. Yes the same kids that turn their nose up at gloppy payasam.

Here is how to do it...

Makes 30 marble sized truffles.

1 pack 100gms Payasam/ Seviya mix
1 litre of milk as directed on the pack
1 handfull of charoli nuts
1 handfull almonds + 1 handfull pistachios ground to powder

In a deep pan add 1 litre of milk. Empty the contents of the Payasam/ Seviya mix pack. 

Boil and cook on slow until the seviya is thick and the consistency is like a sheera or pudding. Add the charoli nuts and stir to distribute evenly.  Let is cool completely.

Roll out marble sized balls of the cooked Sevayi kheer. In a bowl take the powdered almonds and pistachio mix. Then dredge in the powdered almond pista mix to coat well. 

Plating and Serving
Serve one Truffle in each bowl. I used my green glass bowls for this.

They are delightful dusted nuttiness at first and creamy centered.

With such a simple no sweat recipe show how to do it to your kids and sit back and watch. Quite a few will disappear while making itself, take it from me.

Check out their Fb page here to see the latest updates. 


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