Saturday, January 31, 2015

Making of Purple Grape Jelly

1 Tall and 1 small jarful made from 1.350 kgs of purple grapes

Mashing the boiled grapes to extract juice

Second simmering and reducing with sugar

The jelly perfectly formed the skin when cooled

Love the color, as perfect as wine

Hope it lasts long...

Our first taste of my homemade Purple Grape Jelly! 
Unmatched deliciousness and capture of the season's freshness of the fruits. 
Now I know why I hate store bought jams n jellies.


Jelly : made from pure juice of a fruit.
Jam : made from pulp of the fruit.
Marmalade : Jam made with skin of the fruit especially citrus.
Conserve: Made with whole fruit and sugar

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