Friday, January 30, 2015

The Side Effects: Purple Grape And Basil Dip

I am an eternal positive thinker. Sometimes life just sucks out every bit of juice you have but then I with my attitude made a dip out of it and relished it too. Ha ha!

On Sunday I decided to tackle that low feeling and play football with it. Summoned the driver and chalked out the day. Morning shopping at APMC market, an Eshop delivery in a nearby node followed by lunch of Paper Masala at Hotel Navratna at Vashi and then Flamingo watching on the shores of Navi Mumbai. I even managed to catch up with friends in between.

I know you are curious what I shopped for at APMC, lots of green leafies, freshest crunchy veggies, 5 dozen oranges for marmalade making, 4 kgs green grapes, 4 kgs purple grapes, 8 kgs spices for the new Koli masala batch. Now with that kind of a loot who has the time to brood. I started out by making purple grape jelly. Today's recipe is a side effect of it. This recipe uses the Pulp and skins of purple grape after boiling and extracting juice for jelly. 

1 cup Pulp and skins of purple grape left after boiling and juicing 
1 green chili

1 handful fresh Genovese Basil
juice of 1/2 a lime
salt to taste

Grind together to a smooth paste. 

Serve: As a dip along with your favorite bread. I served it up with Palak parathas.

The Genovese basil seeds were a gift from Nupur of One hot stove and its grown beautifully in my Window Grill Box.You can expect a post on how to grow it soon. Thanks Nupur once again.

Taste : It is a lightly sweet lightly sour from the lime juice, savory dip that goes perfectly with spicy breads. Me think it would make a beautiful spread for your morning toast too!

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