Monday, February 01, 2016

A Koli Weds A Parsi

Did you see this headline? Oh yeah we made history, a Koli tied the knot with a Parsi ! Just kidding ;)

After knowing each other for almost a year, we finally decided that a partnership for life looked feasible. So here we are AC and me all decked up.

My maternal uncle and aunt hosted a beautiful Halad ceremony for me in Thal which was attended by all my relatives and friends from the village. Which was followed by a civil ceremony. Then a reception for all our friends and family in Mumbai from both, the Koli and Parsi sides.

I will share the menus of all my ceremonies separately as I know you would be most curious about it. The reception food represented both the communities. Watch out for it :) :)


  1. What happy news! Congratulations and wishing you both a wonderful future!

  2. congratulations! wishing you the best life ahead!

  3. Hearty congratulations and wish you a happy togethernes

  4. Heartiest Congratulations!! So happy for you :-) Wish you both a very happy married life. Yes, I can't wait to read about the menus.

  5. Congratulations and you are looking beautiful!!!

  6. Wowww lovely writeup.... Its been ages I ate to my hearts content in the pangat.... agdi chaatun pusun.. an elderly person clad in dhoti and Gandhi topi comes with sweet loving smile and says "Saavkaash"...
    God bless you both....


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