Thursday, February 04, 2016

The Yellow Glow Of The Turmeric and my Halad Menu

What's a bride without the glow of turmeric? Even though we were going to have a civil ceremony to avoid all religious ceremonies my Mama and Mami insisted I have a Halad ceremony in the village.

On the day of the Halad I was taken to Varsoli to perform a special pooja at the Khandobacha Darbar and get blessing for the wedding to follow. Khandoba being our family deity all our auspicious beginnings are with his blessings. Then we visited the Thaleshwar, Bhavika Devi, Vithal and Tulja Bhavani Mandir in the village before going to our family God's abode. You see me setting out for darshan.

After the darshan 5 married women applied halad to me at the Family God's. Following it I was taken to the Holi platform in the village and then to our Kalkai's (Kali) home. Before finally sitting down to a halad at my ancestral home. 

A lot of fun was had by the village women. Each one applied turmeric on me and blessed me. I offered Oti to all the women who attended. Oti is a gift set consisting of a blouse piece, coconut and halad kunku in the minimum. I also added a Koiree (rice-turmeric-vermillion box) and packed all of it in a Batua. I had ordered the batuas and blouse pieces done in beautiful Kantha work all the way from Shantiniketan from 'Suryabartta' an enterprise run by my blogger buddy Sayantani's Mum, Mamata Mahapatra. Go ahead order from them that would support the artisans directly.

None were allowed to leave without eating. The menu for those fasting as it was Sankashti was 

1. Sabudana Khichadi
2. Wafers
3. Malai Pedha
4. Cold drinks, soda

While for the majority who were not fasting it was 

1. Rice 
2. Pivli dal
3. Gavar batata bhaaji
4. Chavali chi bhaaji
5. Lasun chutney
6. Pickle
7. Pheni (rice papads)
8. Koshimbir
9. Puranpoli ( made by the AnnaParabrahma team led by Kavita) 

The Puranpoli was a total hit. Guests ate it and even took home. That's why I had requested for it to be packed in singles.

The Halad ceremony touched my heart for I was among the people who love me and who care for me.


  1. Loved reading about your halad ceremony. I am so glad you could have it and experience the love and blessings while creating lifelong memories. Loved your thoughtful gesture - sourcing the batuas and blouse pieces and having the puranpolis packed individually. Even those fasting must have enjoyed them later.

    1. Yes that was the intention that even the fasting people can enjoy later.


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