Monday, March 21, 2016

Navroze Mubarak!

It's my first Navroze after marriage. There has to be Ravo (sheera with cardamom and nutmeg) for all auspicious days for the Parsis. So I made Ravo, Saee's Mawa cake, Dhan Dar served with gajar-mewa nu achaar. Yes its a simple lunch as we will be eating at the community dinner or Gambhar tonight at the gymkhana.

I have my own mawa cake recipe but I have so far baked only eggless cakes as per my  Maharashtriya family's preferences. Since on the Parsi side eggs are omnipresent in food and customs. I went ahead and baked my first ever cake with egg! 

Well new year's beginnings, I am hoping will change atleast a few things in my life.

Posting this under the label Remake, where I cook and review recipes from other blogs. So what are the things I did in my Parsi Kitchen? 

1. I don't have muffin moulds in this kitchen so I used a square borosil dish.
2. Used 2 cups sugar as in the original recipe as AC likes his sweet dishes actually sweet unlike me. I like mine faintly sweet.
3. I skipped the doodh masala Saee used. Instead I used elchi-jaiphal as the Parsis do.
4. Since this is baked in a square dish I baked this cake at the same temperature of 150 deg C but for a good 1 hr. Until it was a golden.

The verdict:

A beautifully light crumb with a thin crust on the outside. AC loved it and that says a  lot. 

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