Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bimba Nayak's Cookies

Chef Bimba Nayak has spent 43 years in the Hotel Industry. Working a major part of her career in the Royal kitchens of Kuwait. She is an expert pastry chef and more. While she teaches cooking and baking she also churns out delicious cookies for us. Introducing 5 types of cookies on our Eshop.

Cashewnuts in every bite. Buttery and nutty.

The crunch from the corn flakes and the bite into the cookies. Such a delightful explosion of textures in the mouth.

Made with imported chocolate. There is the dark chocolate in the dough and choco chips bursting into the mouth with every bite. 


Tutti Fruiti Biscuits are rich with goodness of milk and fun from the tutti fruiti.

Butter biscuits made with the best butter, rich and crunchy.

We know you are tempted. Buy now! 

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