Sunday, October 30, 2016

Narak Chaturdashi 2016

That is our Narak Chaturdashi celebrations in pics. In the morning I kept out the waste and prayed "Eeda Peeda Jaoo de". It is the day of abolishment of evil represented by Narakasur by the Goddess Kali. 

Every year even though the home was deep cleaned for Diwali, my mother would sweep the house and dust the corners collecting some dust and then lighting a diya in the dust and offering haldi kunku to a new broom. Aai prayed that all eeda-peeda all obstacles and illnesses be banished from our life. Its a very vivid memory for me, the ceremonial oil massage and bath with fragrant Uttana, an ayurvedic powder. Following which we smashed the Kaarita a bitter fruit for a symbolic destruction of evil. The juice is tasted as blood and we swear to live a happy and righteous life.

After the head bath which is mandatory everyone sat down to a festive breakfast of Faral, sweets and savories.

Our faral at home today consisted of Rava and dried coconut  Karanji, Bhajani chakli, Tikhat shev, Shankarpali, Rava ladoo, Besan ladoo, Maharashtriya Motichoor ladoo, Patal pohyancha chivda, Bhajakya pohyancha chivda, Chaurichi Karanji and Kadboli (not in pic).

I put Rangoli, lit ghee lamps for my pooja, the Bawa and me put up the Kandeel and oil lamps together. He was pensive for just a moment missing his parents, sister and Bapaiji and then became cheery that Diwali was back in his home after a long gap. 

Let the light eradicate the darkness is our lives. 

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