Monday, October 31, 2016

Laxmi Puja 2016

Goddess Laxmi's footprints at our door and oil lamps to show her the way and welcome her to our home.

She has taken her seat in our home and we promise to take good care of her and accept her blessings. We also promise that what we get as blessings we shall share with the deserving.

While I did all the preps for the Laxmi poojan, hubby was busy doing Muhurta trading while the stock market was open today in the evening especially for this day.

While that was our evening, our morning was chilled out as my Dad visited us and we went out for lunch to A.Rama Nayak 's Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding. 

Yele oota with my Dad. There was tender chavali, ashgourd, double bean and potatoes with puri. Sambar, rasam, curd with rice and papad. Butter milk to sip thru the meal and citron pickle to lick on. We opted for Dudhi halwa along with the meal. My Bawa hubby is a proper Non vegetarian so he does not eat at vegetarian places except sweets so he ate two, Dudhi halwa and gulab jamun. 


  1. The alpona looks exactly like what my granny would do on Lakshmi puja. Do Maharashtrians follow this practise too?

    1. Yes Kalyan that alpona or rangoli is made for Laxmi and on festivals like Gokulashtami to depict the arrival of the deity being worshiped. Good to know the common traditions and that your granny made it too.


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