Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This picture of Undheri was taken from the Thal shore a rain laden cloud was coming towards the village so Undheri is appearing covered by the cloud.

I was googling on Koli community to add links to my blog when I read this article on Mumbai Newsline.

The Undheri that I have known is a tiny island fort off the shore of Thal and its twin Khandheri. Undheri is in a dilapedated condition over grown with wild plants. Currently used by petty criminals as a hiding place and to make alcohol. Khandheri fortunately in under the naval control.

Some fools who think they own it are selling it to a shrewd businessman whose motive in not known. The Govt. has moved in the right direction and I wish Director (Archaeology) Dr Ramakrishna Hedge all the best. Undheri is a island fort built in Shivaji's reign and is a heritage site it needs to be protected from the hands of commercial exploiters. Adoption of this site by any corporate house can do it a lot of good.

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