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Chunda is the Gujarathi influence in my life. It is one of the many dishes I learnt from my old neighbours the Rajput family. The eldest lady Ji- aaji, Kaki and her three daughters, Indu, Ansu, Preeti spent a lot of time cooking for the family and I found it really funny that the two men in the family our pet Japan Baba, Rameshbhai were really pampered. These ladies kept aside all their likes and dislikes and cooked only what these men wanted to eat each day. Chunda was indispensible in their house it was very ritualistically made in summer months and stocked for the year.

It is quite simple to make yet has the suncooked goodness packed in it.


1 kg Rajapuri raw mangoes
750 gms granular sugar
1/2 cup powdered cumin seeds
1/2 cup red chilli powder
1 tablespoon salt

First wash and pat dry the mangoes. Peel the green skins. Use the coarse grate to get a pile of raw mango shreds. Incase Rajapuri mangoes are not available any mangoes with a lot of flesh and small seed can be used.

In a huge vessel or glass jar mix the shredded mangoes and sugar and allow to cook in the sun. Do not seal the jar but tie a cloth on the mouth to keep out the dirt. Put it in direct sunlight till you get transaparent raw mango shreds and the mix is sticky like honey yet crunchy in taste. Every day put the jar in the sun and in the evening bring it indoors to mix it well. Do not leave the jar out at night as dewdrops might get into it and that will spoil the preserve. Once the mix is stringy and finally you are ready to store it for the year mix in the salt, chilli powder, and cumin seed powder. Finally it should have the color and consistency as seen in the picture.

Chunda is now ready to be served with all the Gujarathi savories like thepla, fafda, ganthia, khari puri etc etc. As kids Kaki's first chapatis and fulkas with chunda or ghee shakkar were always fed to us every day. It is sweet memories how I was once who got it first then my siblings had their turns to get it first. Kaki used to call my youngest cousin, Kanha or Kanhiya as in Lord Krishna she actually believed that she was feeding the lord himself when she fed him such was her belief. We brats would have a good laugh at her but it did not shake her.

Try it out once and you will make it year on year.


  1. Hi Anjali,

    How are you?Hope you would have
    enjoyed your long break in cheerful way.

    Nice tosee you back with awesome dish.

  2. This is a great recipe and is a regular pickle in my home, it tastes wonderful with just about anything...the Chhundo looks wonderful.

    best wishes,

  3. hI Anjali
    happy new year wishes to u and ur family
    chunda a different one
    will try it
    thanks for sharing the recipe

  4. Usha, I did and will share my experience in one of the upcoming posts.

    Trupti thanks, I agree whats a true blue gujarathi without chundo ;).

    Jaya thanks.

  5. My MIL used to make this exactly so! She learned it from her sister-in-law who grew up in Surat.

  6. Hi, This is Prasanna. I'm married and live in California. i just enjoy reading EVERY BIT of your posts about your village, aaji, the food you've cooked, the village veggies, the beautiful pictures of your village and about your thoughts on them and life.
    You must have enjoyed some great culinary fiesta during your childhood at your village.I love to cook myself and I was brought up in Bangalore and I loved the village life and always fascinated their way of living. It is great in its own way that a city bred person can never experience unfortunately.
    Your pictures are very close to the heart as they are simple yet informative about the village traditions in India.
    Enjoyed reading your blog and the variegated cuisines.
    Great work and god bless.

  7. Hi Prasanna your name is a unisex name I guess? Its a boy name in Maharashtra and many parts of India but your profile says you are a lady.

    I am happy you like to read what I write. Thank you :). I feel happy when people like you demonstrate so much love.


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