Sunday, September 06, 2009

Congratulations Dr. Narendra Jadhav!

This post is to congratulate Dr. Narendra Jadhav (Educationist) for receiving the Rajiv Gandhi award this year.

Smt. Sonia Gandhi on their site about the award says:
"These awards have recognised and honoured those who are working for causes that were specially close to Rajiv's Heart. Their dedication and commitment which have contributed richly to betterment of our society and the progress and development of our nation, is a fitting tribute and homage to Rajiv's Memory."

Dr. Narendra Jadhav is someone I have been following on TV. The first time I heard him was in a discussion on economy in India along with a panel of experts way back in the late 80's. I admired the way he spoke. In one interview he was talking about this father and the upcoming release of the book "Aamcha Baap and Amhi". This story touches the hearts of not just the dalits but all underpriviledge people. It is the story of a winner against all odds.

Most of our parents who came from small towns to the big city Mumbai and achieved success will have a similar story. Dr. Narendra Jadhav's story relates how education changed the life of their family and he is admired not just for achiveing success but being the best.

On Friday my schoolmate Shalaka smsed me to watch Rajiv Gandhi awards on the weekend as her uncle was one of the winners. Only then it struck me that I never knew they were related.

This post is also for her, Dr. Narendra's elder brother and Shalaka's father, Mr. J D Jadhav was no less an achiever. He went on to be the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai in 1995 before his retirement.

This family has not forgotten their roots. They have achieved very well. Even Shalaka's generation has done very well for themselves. It always comes up in our discussions, a motto we learnt from our parents and school and continue to live by "It does not matter who your father is".

It did not matter that Shalaka's grandfather was a worker in Bombay Port Trust. It did not matter that my grandfather was a fisherman. Our fathers achieved irrespective of their backgrounds. In turn they made sure their own children were given a perfectly normal middle class upbringing outside the shadows of their power while giving us a protected life different from their own.

My Sashtanga Namaskar to all those people who rise high irrespective of their backgrounds!

Watch here

Dr. Jadhav at University of Pune during Farewell ceremony - 13th June 2009

Also here is an interview done by CISCO.


  1. Thanks for sharing Anjali !! It is indeed very inspiring :)

  2. Thanks Mythreyi and welcome here!

  3. Hi Anjali....This is Anagha here i love reading your blogs...i m from mumbai..i love all ur recipes i m reading it from last one yr.i visit ur site daily. i am missing ur recipes why dont you put ur recipes much now a days...i come daily its been 10 days u havent posted any recipe...sorry for troubling u...but llove reading ur stuff. I feel i m reading to my cousin sister...


  4. Hi Anagha, that's so sweet of you. Life has been really full right now. We moved to a new place and I am still getting together stuff to call it a home. Plus Chimi got spayed this weekend. I might post soon. Please keep visiting.

  5. They thanks for your reply Anjali...Ok ok i understand shifting house is a real pain...anyways. Is Chimi fine now so sad we cant see her children any more....bye take care


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