Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Last Hapoos Icecream

When Sumeet visited me last month, he brought 4 dozen hapoos mangoes for me. Sweet bro he is. Oh he bought many other things too like dry fruits from APMC and some farsan, some Anjeer burfi from Jhama's. My sis Charu got 5 kgs Basmati rice. I have been enjoying all the goodies all this time.

The mangoes especially have satisfied my mango fantasies in all forms, pulp, lassi, milkshake, sheera. There was one craving I did not get to satisfy of mango icecream until I realized there was a lone mango left in the freezer.

Yes the freezer. I learnt a new thing about freezing and defrosting mangoes. Mangoes freeze extremely well with the skin on upto a week. As it always happens the mangoes ripened all together though my bro had made sure to select mangoes at different ages. This was to make sure I get to enjoy the mangoes for a longer period. Still they ripened in 2 batches. I decide to freeze the first batch.

They stayed good for a good week. Then the second batch ripened and I froze them too.

Then came the problem of defrosting 0.5 hr before eating. I want my mangoes on a whim but then when you have to wait till it defrosts you curse under the breath. However there is a surprise. The defrosting makes the mangoes a mush and separating the pulp is a breeze. You don't need to cube the flesh or scrape it to make pulp in a blender. I hate the pulp made in the blender. I enjoy the lumpiness of the mango pulp more as that is more natural. So that was a discovery for me. If you are thanking me for the tip? You are welcome.

Well I use my own trick, pulp The Last Hapoos add it to the blender. Open a can of Amul Mithai Mate pour it in. Snip of the small tetra pack of Amul fresh cream, pour over the other two ingredients. Fit the blender on the motor and give it a whir for exactly 5 mins. Pour out the mix into a clean dry plastic box. Close the lid and make sure it is airtight. Deep freeze for atleast 4-5 hrs or till it sets. I froze for a day.

Remove it from the freezer. Scoop out the sunny yellow milky treat that mellows the heart. The Last Hapoos Icecream!

I was not able to be a copycat for Blog Bites #2 even though I had found my inspiration on Jugalbandi so posting now with the one change, I use real cream.


  1. Hi Anjali, that's so sweet of ur bro to get u hapoos.And the ice cream looks too good. I also finished one peti and with the last batch made the Panna cotta. masta jhala hota.

  2. Oh yeah he is! Are wah pannacotta, have you posted the recipe I must try. Haven't tried making panacotta at home yet.

  3. Oh that looks so good! Thanks for thinking of sending this in for the copycat edition, but now it will be perfect for the third edition: adaptation. Link is here:

    Will definitely include this in the round-up :)

  4. Oh this is a surprise! Thanks Nupur!! Yes its an adaptation. Purffect.

  5. Delicious - can't get my hands on Hapoos here!! Local mangos are not a patch!1

  6. My mom stored 4-5 ripened mangoes in an air tight container and kept it in the deep freeze last year. This got used after almost 7 months when my brother was here, to make Mango rasayana(juice). And it still tasted as good as it wud have when eaten fresh.

  7. Great! I think I should stock up too:)


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