Sunday, May 30, 2010

SRFT: Say Right First Time

Dad! Gosh!!

My Dad has a syndrome. Anything you discuss with him and ask for an opinion, you will only get a negative answer. 

Once I hear something negative I never want to do it. I don't know why I feel jinxed if Dad does not agree the first time itself. I genuinely feel he needs to learn to say yes the first time and be a little positive and thoughtful the first time itself. Not after I have justified.

Look at this now, the whole of last week I was facing some technical issues with some framework on the job. I had many sleepless nights trying to find a solution. My focus was clearly on the new challenges at work brought in by my new portfolio.

I have not been able to cook properly. I feel guilty when I have to cook just rice in the morning. That happens due to my burning the night lamp to resolve the technical issues that even the support teams refuse to resolve. I love to experiment and at such times I am sleepless till I find a solution.

Now one solution I found for not being able to cook proper meals on week days is to hire a COOK.  This coming from a foodie and a blogger! It must have been really a necessity. My Dad immediately replied Sheee....I don't want a chapati made by a cook! His reaction made my heart sink as it was stung by guilt. This is bad. Dad has always made me stop by such restrictions.

Believe me I was getting a cook who we know has clean habits. She has been cooking for my friend's family for 2-3 yrs now. I have eaten the food cooked by her on some occasions but my Dad refused. He is ready to cook on his own. He is ready to help me. But I don't want that. He is growing older and I don't want him to do it on a daily basis. He does not realize that he will find it a chore to do it day in and day out. 

I sulked, grumbled and then Dad said OK. If you feel that you will get more time for other things and can focus on work then I am OK with it, he said. But now I don't want it. 

Will he ever learn to Say Right First Time: SRFT

This applies only to my Dad.


  1. Sorry to say but as people get older, they are more reluctant to change...

    Anyways the charm of a cook wore off pretty quickly for me :( I had a Gujju aunty come in on Sundays and make food for the week (we dont get regular bais here na) but I dont know what it was - my pregnancy nausea or the fact that she put extra oil and masala in everything, I cant stand her cooking now. I am cooking everyday even though it kills me now :( Hopefully you find a good cook!

  2. Sonia that is true. This cook is pretty good and I've known her for the 3 yrs she is with my friend's family.

    Dad say, "Anna var sanskar aplya gharche asave". But we eat out so much don't we!

    Meanwhile Dad is helping me a lot with the preparation for cooking.

    I understand your situation dear. But good you are eating fresh food at this time in your pregnancy!

  3. My dad was always a negative guy. He could give you 100 reasons why your glass was half empty. If I had not listened to him~who knows where I would be now. Do what your spirit must as long as you can and take your consequences like a man.

  4. Orba like a woman you mean :)


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