Monday, January 17, 2011

Sakkare Pongal

This year I decide that the celebration of Pongal/ Sankrant at my home would be in full South Indian fervor. I was not cutting coconut and jaggery into bits, so my Sankrant was the most breezy one. No tearful making of Tilgul ladoos this year. God knows for how many years I have avoided that on the pretext of non availability of Chikki cha gul! I don't get sticky jaggery here like we get in Mumbai during Sankrant. My Tilgul ladoos have always failed me. My Dad refuses to call me a sugran just because I fail in the crunchy Tilgul ladoo test year on year. Sometimes the ladoo don't bind. Other times they are too hard or chewy. Never the excellent khat khaTit.

Then celebrating the South Indian way is the best way to escape this stigma that my Dad bestows on me. All I do is pressure cook Dal and rice together and make two types of mush. Both turn out delicious specialties and I even get a pat on my back from My two elderly neighbor aunties, never mind if Dad is not impressed. He is atleast satisfied after the meal.

Well though making pongal is really easy peasy, may be putting down this recipe may help someone. So here you go...

1 cup basmati / sona masuri rice
1/2 cup moong dal (yellow split)
3/4 cup crystal sugar / Kal sakkare/ Khadi sakhar
6-7 cloves
1 tablespoon ghee
1/4 teaspoon turmeric
10 roundels of dried figs or handful raisins
15 Almonds sliced
1 teaspoon of ghee for glaze

Wash Dal and rice thoroughly. Pressure cook it with thrice the amount of water. Allow 4 whistles. Let it cool.

Open the lid. In a large pot add ghee and heat. On melting add the cloves. Cut the fig roundels into bits. Fry them in the ghee follow in with the sliced almonds and crystal sugar. Add turmeric for color. Now transfer the cooked dal and rice mix. Add some water to make it possible to mash the pongal with the back of the ladle. It should be creamy yet should allow itself to be scooped up. Once all the sugar dissolves remove from heat. Add a teaspoon of ghee and mix. This imparts the aroma associated with satvic food that is the mark of a festival.

Enjoy it warm as we celebrate the end of winter.

Once again here is my lovely Thali that got me a pat on my back :D from my neighbor aunties.


  1. Looks yumm..loved the addition of cloves...

  2. Yummy pongal,adding cloves sounds very interesting..

  3. I am mad fellow. I went all the way to Rama Nayak on the Pongal day to eat and forgot to eat Sakkar Pongal

  4. Humm... HKJ eating on festive occasion is usual but foodies make every eating an occasion. So when is the next visit?

  5. Pratibha/ Priya I've seen here they use a spice that gives heat like clove to flavor sweets and a lot less of cardamom unlike back home.

  6. Oh It's raining Pongal on all blogs! Must say I love it. In fact this is one place where I cannot decide whether i like the sweet or the savory version better!
    Loved the thali:)

  7. Manasi on the pongal day you get both but all other times its one or the other.

  8. lovely pongal you have a nice blog, you can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

  9. Love tht platter...looks delish...and glad to find your space :)

  10. Priti welcome to my blog and hope you keep returning and enjoying it.

  11. Arey wah! Thanks for the recipe Anjali, will make it soon - my daughter who likes all things mushy and sweet will love this, I think :)

  12. WOW, both the pongals are to "live" for - look SO good!!!


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