Monday, January 31, 2011

Banana Split

Winter is official over and the summer has just begun. It means we will need loads of cool treats and more energy will be consumed powering fans, air conditioners and fridges. Some years ago I read about Blackle and their effort to save some energy. Inspired by it I have been using shades of black and charcoal grey for websites I build at work. It is high time my blogs needed a change and if so let the change be green Yes all three blogs, Anna Parabrahma, Swachchanda and Hridaya Vahini now have a charcoal gray background. Gray is such a beautiful canvas for pictures. You don't spend too much time touching up pics that way.

So here is opening up the blog with a new look and to celebrate it come cool off on a sundae not just any but a Banana split.

It is heavenly to dig into a caramelized banana served with scoops of the trio Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Recently I picked up a combo of Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies. On its own each one was yummy. I did have crimson freshness in the strawberries that gave me the trigger to create this very special dessert. Though the ice cream is bought out, putting it all together is an art. The hot bananas make the ice cream into puddles of gooey goodness if one is not quick to serve. So here is an all important step...

Tip: The Platter or bowl you plan to serve the banana split in should be chilled for couple of hours. This will help keep the ice cream scoops in shape for a little longer.


Serves 2

Vanilla ice cream (mine had chocolate chips in it)
Chocolate ice cream (mine had Chocolate cookies in it)
Strawberry ice cream / or do what I did

1 big banana
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon butter

1 big strawberry
1 teaspoon sugar


1. The platter was in the freezer chilling.

2. Grind the single big strawberry and sugar to get puree. Keep aside.

3. In a non-stick pan add the butter. Peel and cut Banana length wise. This gives the sundae the name Banana split! Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar on it and roast till slightly caramelized.

Now quickly in the platter scoop out the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. What I did was, since I did not have strawberry ice cream, I doled out one more scoop of the vanilla and showered it generously with the strawberry puree. 

Next lay the banana next to the triplet ice cream scoops. The hot caramelized bananas get very aromatic and intensify in flavor due to the cooking. Share the platter with family or a dear one. It tastes better.

Traditionally the banana split is also topped with whipped cream, cherries and nuts. I skipped the cream and nuts as I already had chocolate chips and chocolate cookies in the ice cream itself.

The Banana split is not only a visual treat but tastes divine too. Make it when you have kids around and it will be gone in minutes.

Hope you will make it and also do let me know what you think of this new look. I was able to complete the sculpting earlier than I expected.

In this version

1. The header consists of pictures of food I love, is most searched on this blog and which represents my creativity.

2. New pages for...

  • Your's lovingly - my first post and welcome note
  • Koli Proverbs and Riddles - has moved from the side bar to a page
  • I am committed to- has its own page now, these are organizations I feel proud to be associated with and if even a few of my readers think they can share some time, money or interest it will make me happy.
3. Home page will show only the latest post.

4. Below the main post have included The popular posts. Depending on the freshness I would be showing different period ranges.

5. The side bar will continue to have... 
  • The copyright declaration
  • The links to my other blogs with the title of the latest post
  • Labels- explore the various categories, there is something for everyone.
6. The footer consists of the 
  • Blog archive
  • Conexions - These are blogs of people I know in flesh and bone.
  • I am on Networked blogs - lets connect up bloggers
  • I am on petitchef too - don't know why though
  • On Trail - are my valued followers of this blog.
Brickbats and flowers both are welcome! Your responses are important to me. Keep visiting!!


  1. Great job on the blog's makeover!!! :) I was anxiously waiting for the curtain to raise and to get a glimpse of the new look.
    Banana split looks so delicious, its snowing here and yet ur cool dessert tempts me! Quite a foodie I am...LOL!
    Love to Chimi and best wishes to you..keep up the good work!

    - Priti

  2. Hi Priti Thank you so much for the love and appreciation. You are the first one to comment here :D after the reopening. Keep coming back.

  3. nice look to the blog ! the split looks swell !

  4. Omg, feel like finishing rite now,tempting!

  5. thought of you when I saw this post

  6. Anon, I would love to know the names of people who think of me :). So sweet of you to share this link. I did check it out and felt a thrill !!!

  7. ITs travelbug, anjali and you are welcome.

  8. This is great! My mom is coming this weekend and I am planning to make her something homemade. Thanks for sharing this recipe!


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