Monday, January 24, 2011

Steamed Doodhi Ke Kofte

These steamed Doodhi Ke Kofte are so handy. I swear by them when you have visitors. You can a prepare them before hand and freeze. Just toss them into a onion tomato paste when you want to make the dish. This time I was generous and splashed it with cream. I am adding a new label for Kofta, check out my other posts.

Psst. I could fry these up and serve as a cousin of Kothimbir vadi with just Varan Bhaat.

Steamed and cubed


  1. Steamed koftas sounds truly interesting..thanks for sharing..

  2. Hi yaa, first time in your blog, check out this blog somebody has copied our recipes here, how to go about this can you help? Inbtw the koftas sounds very nice

  3. Hi Jayasri thanks for informing me. Vigilant readers like you always help. I have removed the comment with the link as it is best not to send more traffic to the copycat and porn site. Let me see how I can deal with it. Thanks.


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