Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paneer Tomato Insalata Indian Ooh!

ET's Insalata Caprese gets adapted to  Paneer Tomato Insalata Indian Ooh!

I saw this salad on ET's and it was the first time I succumbed instantly. The comments on that post are proof. I took this long to post as this picture is not good and no where near the visuals of a fresh Paneer and Tomato on a plate sprinkled with dried Rosemary and sea salt. It looked terribly delicious when I made it. 

Later I was attending a work related Summit at the elegant ITC Royal Gardenia when I got to taste the real Insalata Caprese and I identified this salad with the name, my friends were highly impressed as the card just said tomato salad. 

Now that I am educated about the real one let me tell you the nuances. 

1. Paneer though I used Malai is lite where as the Mozarella in the Caprese lingers on the tongue making you feel gooey rich. Love it both ways.
2. Rosemary in the dry form is intense in flavor so the right amount of sprinkles makes it a success. Fresh Basil marries tomato so really well like they are made for each other.
3. I used sea salt, must try ET's Himalayan Pink which she recommends.
4. The drizzle of olive oil makes it really delightfully glazed.

Thumbs up for this one ET!


  1. Delicious,feel like having some..

  2. Thats a yummy salad dear..why dont u send this salad 2 my event...chk my blog for more details..:)

  3. Done will participate Prathibha, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Ooh never though of using paneer! Absolutely love mozzarella and tomatoes though, am craving some already :)

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Anjali! I am just so glad you enjoyed it.

  6. ET am a fan of your space so its my pleasure always.


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