Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farsan: Sangam Sweets

Found a new outlet selling the freshest and crispiest farsan. I bought small kachori and papdi. The kachori had a incredibly flaky covering and the papdi was a great accompaniment with tea brittle as it should be. The best part is at Sangam the farsans are not over salted as is the case in many shops and packaged farsans. Recommending this shop to all farsan lovers.


Sangam Sweets
Koramangala BDA complex (on the ground floor)


  1. Anjali, your photographs are SO enticing!!

  2. You are just killing me with that close up shot of the kachori!

    By the way, how is Chimi doing?

  3. That Kachori sure is flaky and tempting. I love the bowls too that u put them in, are they Corelle bowls? very pretty!

  4. Hey Kiran how are you doing? We are back from a very enthralling tour of AP and remembered you and Suresh as we sampled the varied Andhra meals especially the pickles.

    Nupur wish you were in the city would have sent you a parcel. Chimi is doing great. She was at the kennel while we were traveling and the fall out is she has lost the habit of cuddling at my feet in bed, come to think of it, actually a good thing :)

    You guessed it right Ramya, they are Corelle.

  5. yeah one of my fav too. try Saraswati sweets near the Wipro park Koramangala (80 feet road). they sell awesome kachori and samosa.

  6. WOw both looks seriously irresistible..


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