Friday, March 11, 2011

Guava Nectar

Just 1 guava yeilds thick creamy cooler for 2. All you need to do is wash and clean the guava fruit. Peel the skin. Cut up into pieces. Place in a blender. Add 1 glass of water and a pinch of salt or chat masala. Give a good long whirrrr~~ Strain the seeds out or have it as it is. It will clean the bowels well the next morning that is a promise!

This is a good glass for dieting, keeps you full for hours together.


  1. Feel like grabbing that glass and having rite now....awesome drink!

  2. Looks guava nector

  3. wow that looks so inviting.. must try :)

  4. Ambrosia!!!
    I love guava nectar:)

  5. and we buy the packed ones. really dint know its that easy. am going to make it from now onwards.
    between am shifting base to Kolkata suddenly and its a shame for me that I could not arrange to meet you while I was here. Keep in touch Anjali.


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