Monday, March 07, 2011

Fresh Veggies Paneer Salad and Corn

There is a change in my diet as the Summer is here. I feel good to be eating crunchy fresh vegetables and simple clean flavors. This is a new series of Summer Lunches. I am deliberately bringing in half raw component in to my food hoping to loose some weight.

Last Sunday had a heavy breakfast of Kanda bhajji so to adjust our calorie intake for lunch it was this salad and boiled corn.


1/2 Capsicum
1 onion
4 tomatoes
4 carrots
1/2 slab of paneer
pinch of sugar

Coriander chutney
1 green chili
10-15 cilantro stems
Grind to make a paste along with some salt. Save.

Dice all the veggies except carrot. The carrot needs to be grated fine. Put it all into a bowl and mix nicely. Add a spoon of the chutney and give it a mix again. Serve.

We boiled corn along with the salad. The same chutney can be rubbed onto the boiled corn and enjoyed. The flavors are fresh and very summery. Try it.


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