Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bondas and Dahi Vadas

It is peak summer in Blr. The afternoon drains all energy. Dahi Vada can make a superb meal. At times when my Dad is not around. I make a whole batch of Dahi vadas and freeze them to be enjoyed on a whim. I pack them for lunch or just grab a bite once am back home from work and have no mood to cook. Well as I write this I change the title to Bondas and Dahi Vadas. If you can make Bondas then you can make Dahi Vadas too. I had made Bondas on a different day in a different mood but combining this post to increase your snacky options.

In this post you also see a splash proof contrainer that I bought months ago. It is such an ideal one for all the beating, churning and mixing. The lid is a tight fit with a flap opening in the center thru which we can insert the beater or mixer. At times I use it like a multipurpose mixing bowl or a jug too. Plus you can store in it.

Humm getting back to the Dahi Vada recipe that you are here for. There are several versions of Dahi Vadas, this is our own family version and the garnishings can get as complex as possible. Here you see a simlpe drizzle of red chili powder butlet your imagination loose to decide the dressing of your choice, khati meeti chutney, shev, grated carrots and what not.


For the Vada/ Bonda
1 cup udid dal/ deskinned and split black gram.

Soak for atleast 4 hours in water after washing throughly. Drain out the extra water when you need to grind the dal. Put it in a wet grinder and grind to fine paste. The paste should be thick and you should be able to drop blobs in hot oil to fry.

Now when we made bondas or call it free from medu vadas you can incorporate chopped chillies, whole peppercorns or bits of fresh coconut in the batter and fry to perfect crispiness. These can be served with the choiciest of chutneys. In my platter you see a peanut cilantro chutney.

When you don't want just bondas and are in a mood for Dahi Vadas all the way.

Then immerse the fried bondas in water for couple of minutes and give them a squeeze. Remove the softened Vadas in a container that you want to store or serve. Then get the Dahi together.

For the Dahi

1 litre of thick curd
salt to taste for savory version

1/2 cup sugar for sweet

Beat the curd in a splash proof vessel.

For the savory version use just salt with the curd.

For the sweet version use the curd and sugar and beat

Dressing it up

You can start with a simple sprinkling of red chili powder as you see in my picture or go all the way with the green chutney and tamarind chutneys that are used for chaats.

Stock up the fridge with Dahi Vadas for a quick serve for yourself or an unexpected visitor.


  1. yummy bondas and Dahi vadas.. very inviting...

  2. Both tempts me a lot,truly irresistible..

  3. your dahi bada recipe is very good..i will try inshallah. was curious to know how does the dahi badas turn up after u have frozen them? and how do u thaw them? can u please give tips?! thnk you for ur time and recipe

  4. Hi Shiba if using at home ideally thaw them in the fridge itself. But if carrying it for lunch it will thaw by the time its lunch time at room temp assume it is pleasant a/c.


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