Sunday, April 24, 2011

Allam Pachadi

Recreating the taste of Andhra from fellow blogger's recipe is always such a lovely experience.

Sailu's Kitchen is one blog that has fascinated me many times. It is such a pleasure to try out her recipe of this Allam pachadi that I loved when I tasted it on my travel in Andhra last month. I think I ate it atleast 4-5 times in the 10 days. I always chose it if it were on the table. Now where else does one go to find an authentic recipe from Andhra but Sailu's!

This day I made it at home and simply loved it the way it turned out. The freshness of ginger and the tanginess of tamarind balanced by the jaggery when blended in this chutney can provide the much required jump start to a dull morning.

You however see that my chutney is thinner than Sailu's creamy version because this was our brunch and I got a little worried about scalding my system with the famed heat of Andhra Chutneys, even though I am a huge fan. Plus I forgot that we were going to have Allam pachadi and not our regular coconut sauce with our rice cakes and crepe's. I made our regular ginger chai! We love our tea immediately following our breakfast you see. I think this will be a great chutney to take revenge on the people who are sending me orders and switching me on and off at their will. I promise full revenge. Every civilian has her day. :P

Go over to Saliu's for a look if you haven't already been there yet.


  1. You will rarely come across an Andhra person that does not like ginger chutney. Its an integral part of our cuisine and a favorite in our home. Glad you tried it at home. :)


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