Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Invite That Is Class Apart

Sharing with you this invite we received from a friend for his grandson's Brahmopadesham. I came home and saw this carefully plastic wrapped courier. The see-through  plastic got me excited just laying my eyes on it. I opened the vivid red velvet pouch with a brocade band across it. The contents smelled divine, it was a sandalwood patrika! Yes Patrika because that it what it is an invite fashioned from thick sandalwood strips at both ends with thin strips of sandal wood bark in the center on which are engraved the details, just like in the mythological days.

This is the same family that invited us for Sita Kalyana.

This marks the beginning of a new label Somethings Beautiful.


  1. Hi dear...I have got some awards waiting for you in my blog. Do stop by and collect them.

  2. this is so creative..innovative..and perfect for the occasion. Like the idea

  3. Voyager, Isn't it? they are very thoughtful as a family, always. Unfortunately we will miss this, felt so bad to tell Prasad Uncle to excuse us.


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