Thursday, April 14, 2011

Musk Melon Panak

Celebrating Ram Navami 

My home owner is a lady who believes in feeding anyone who enters her door. I have been subjected to her overwhelming hospitality many a times. Her home delivered parcels of food never find a way to my mouth. The masalas are strong and impossible for me to consume. On Ram Navami I was subjected to one such moment. She offered me a huge glass of Musk Melon Panak. I sipped slowly on it and finished it in time that felt like infinity while her son tried telling me that Panak must be drunk like a shot! Gosh and what get choked I thought. Yet I found this Panak interesting and so sharing it here. I think if I make it myself I might enjoy it more. I will ofcourse customize it to my taste and so should you.

Here is what will work for me. My home owner's version was an overdose of jaggery but Musk Melon stood out even in that one.

1 cup of ripe Musk Melon
2 tablespoons of crushed Jaggery
water for dilution

In a jug add the musk melon and jaggery mash it with a Masher. Top up with chilled water to desired consistency. Enjoy this summer cooler.

I came back home assaulted by the jaggery high and plonked on my bed. The next day when I narrated it to my colleagues at work I became the butt of jokes for being a teetotaler who cannot even handle a jaggery high. The Musk Melon I think has an intoxicating smell, I say. As a kid I would have never touched this fruit and would have run away from the room it would be cut in and see the change I am recommending this Panak to you today.

I love the Kairi Panha a lot and guzzle it in jug fulls. Must make some soon, the Kairi in the fridge beckons me.


  1. Looks very gud ...hope you had great day

  2. Wow panak looks simply irresistible..

  3. I love musk melon so much that I can have this fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.My Hubby often pulls my leg for this. this Panak is new one for me but will try this anyway.
    Thanks for your wishes, the house is not yet set. unlike south here rented spaces come only with four walls and with all my belongings we are finding it hard to accommodate everything in this pigeon hole. the only person who is enjoying everything is the baby. suddenly he feels so important with all the attention and love everyone is showering him with. but am truly missing the serene life and great weather of Bangalore. hope to go back soon.


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