Sunday, April 17, 2011

Besan Paratha

Manisha recreated Anita's Parathas in her kitchen and looks like it has spinned off some following. Posting the pictures to give Anitha a thumbs up for accepting the gift of a recipe handed down by her MIL and  sharing it with friends very generously. Manisha for her awesome pictures that tempted blogger buddies to give a try.

I served mine with my Aaji's Tomatochi Bhaaji and curd. This now on goes into my Combo meal section as that's what I go to for quick lunches.

and a Thank you note!

These pretty wall mounting pegs are a gift from Kiran, our families have started enjoying each others company and of course there is always food shared. I was inspired by conversations with Kiran and Suresh to do a Andhra Pradesh tour that you will see coming up soon on Swachchanda.

Thank you Kiran for this sweet gift and its stashed away for a special place.


  1. I love these besan parathas. one of my friend used o make it with pickle masala (the oil and cooked spices of mango pickle) an those were finger licking good. love the brackets, I ot mine from Mother Earth.

  2. Love this besam parathas, wonderful spread..

  3. Yeah Sayantani I love those pickle parathas too.

  4. Chhaan! Khupach chhaan! Ti tomatochi bhaji kiti sundar distay!

  5. Manisha had it not been that martini glass I recognize I would have thought this is not you! Superlike for your Marathi comment!


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