Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kadlekai Parishe, The Groundnut Fair

Going back in time in the middle of a growing city

Tonight I was at the Kadlekai Parishe or The Groundnut Fair on Bull Temple road in Basavangudi. This is the first time I went there in all these years here in Bangalore. I live in South Bangalore which is so rich in its heritage and culture. This fair started today and will go on till Tuesday evening. The fair takes place annually and has been a tradition to appease the residing deity, The Big Bull with the first harvest of groundnuts. The farmers from surrounding villages come to sell here.

I walked from Ramakrishna Ashram towards the temple, soaking in the atmosphere. It is so amazing to watch Bangalorians enjoy this fair. In rural India this is the only way of entertainment but Bangalore has it all and still attracts huges numbers to the fair, to enjoy simple things like boiled peanuts, sliced fruits with salt and pepper, cucumbers, fluffy pink sugar candy. The little shops sell all sorts of stuff from fried savories to puffed rice, sugar crafts, halva etc. Other things like toy sellers, cheap artificial flower sellers, pots and pans and other kitchen implements which we get only in rural areas are available here at the fair.

My buys at this fair consisted of a appe patra, Gods posters with glitter and ground nuts for cooking. I ate hot fresh popcorn made in sand, bought some boiled peanuts but did not manage to eat. Then finally I walked toward Kamat at Bugle Rock and had my dinner there.

See the vivid colors of the fair...


  1. such a coincidence I also went to visit a handicraft fair today. love love love this season to soak in such atmosphere. beautiful clicks and even I never could manage to eat boiled peanuts.

  2. What an interesting fair;)

  3. nice post....gr8 w know that u enjoyed..whr do u stay in south bangalore?

  4. Pratibha I live 15 mins walk from the Bull temple.

    Sayantani and did you buy some stuff do share the pics if you have taken any.

  5. kittiii majjja to go to a fair, oh this reminds me of childhood days, when we really used to look forward to an evening out to the fair with famiy :D and loved your sapia snaps

  6. Vinaya yes fairs and childhood is so synonymous. My Mom used to take me to fairs so that I could experience what she had enjoyed as a child.

  7. I do like so much what you point out: that there are simple things to enjoy at the Parishe, I think those are the ones we are missing in our "modern" lives, isn't it? I liked the range of pictures you have of evening shots and the sepia collection!


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