Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Laxmi Pujan and Tulashi Vivaha

 Laxmi Pujan and the Goddess's foot prints. 

Welcome Oh Goddess of wealth! 
Please take your seat in our humble home and grant us prosperity!

My ever enthusiastic SIL, Sapna is such a superb combination of modern and traditional. She manages a home of five and works for a Insurance company as a Quality auditor. I have seen her struggle doing the balancing act when I spent two months in Mumbai with my family. I felt like reaching out to her because she is so much younger than me and carries the family responsibilities so well. Mind you we are a family that would just let her be even if she did not do this, typically my father and Uncle would say, let go, Jaoo de. I'm sure her MIL, Devaki Kaki and Aunt Inlaw, my Mom are blessing her from wherever they are and watching her. She is just so precious to us.

This post is for her, to applaud her spirit and dedication to our family. Love you lady and God bless!

Tulashi Vivaha 

May the Goddess Tulashi bring in auspiciousness for the unmarried in the family and fertility for the married. 
Let our home resonate with purity and devotion.


  1. i dont know about this. when i went to temple yesterday pujari is telling this to some devotee. nice to see it here

  2. Hey Anjali, really appreciate Sapna, who manages all fronts so well, i know thats just not easy, especially for a new bride :)

    and i really appreciate your feelings for her. I think she is lucky to have such people around her :)

  3. Vinaya Sapna and Sumeet have been married for 2.5yrs now can you believe it!


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